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Microbes are living microscopic organisms too small for the naked eye and the foundation of biology and since they are the bottom of the food chain. All living things from plants to animals depend on these amazing creatures to do a wide variety of functions critical to life. Think of Nutrenics Plant & Soil Biostimulant as pre & pro biotics for plants and soil.

No- fertiliser is a general term used for plant food which is still needed by plants either in the form of fertiliser or compost. The microbes’ job is to get this to the plants efficiently.

No- what ever is taken out of the soil needs to be put back in and this is what fertilisers are for. You will still need to add fertilisers if you are not composting back your debris. For additional fruiting you may need some extra fruiting fertiliser. Nutrenics Biostimulant will make sure that the fertiliser available is well absorbed by the plants.

Our recommended dosage should be fine for most plants and trees however for extra dramatic results, you can increase the dosage by doubling or tripling for the first month to kick-start the system.

Yes, it works on anything that photosynthesises (has leaves). However, do not use it on fungi like mushrooms unless you want to get rid of them since some of the microbes have strong anti-fungal properties.

Within the recommended dosages, no but be aware, once the plants reach their optimums, putting more is not going to help much further.

There are no pathogens or harmful chemicals in Nutrenics so they are not harmful to humans and animals. However, since clinical tests for human consumption have not been performed, we do not recommend ingesting them.

1 Litre Bottle: Nutrenics gives an expiry date of 6 months from bottling but they will be fine for use for over 1 year.

Use within 3 months of purchase. The diluted spray does not last as long as the concentrate.

Cosmetics | Skinspray

Yes, we are approved by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia. We have the certifications and N.O.T number.

Yes, we have combined the ingredients in our product in a proprietary way to be used by all skin types. However, if you are concerned with the results, we recommend trying a small amount first to see if you like the results and apply accordingly when you see your desired results

Our skin spray is produced and packaged in Malaysia. Ministry of Health, Malaysia has strict requirements for cosmetic products to be issued approval which we fully comply with

To comply with regulations and to ensure product stability, a very small amount of Sodium Benzoate is added.

Yes, Nutrenics Skinspray uses all-natural ingredients that work with your skin without causing irritation. Because we use natural ingredients, the effects on the skin are not harmful compared to what you would experience with products that use chemicals, which are typically harsher on the skin.

We are not aware of any instances of this product causing issues for those with eczema. However we recommend that for those in doubt to try small amounts first and/or consult with a doctor.

No, we do not test any of our products on animals.

We have found that a bottle of Nutrenics Skinspray 99ml usually lasts between 1-2 months for our customers depending on their daily usage. We suggest starting out with spraying in the morning before starting your day and once more in the evening at the end of your day.

Orders | Payment | Shipping | Refunds

We accept Online Banking (FPX) Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Boost, Touch n Go, Grab Pay, Maybank QR Pay. Alternatively we also accept direct transfer into our account.

If you sign into your account to make a purchase then the order status and shipping number will be tracked within your account profile.

Simply login and select View my order history.
We will also send you an email letting you know when your order has shipped and is on its way.

Shipping within Peninsular Malaysia:
We will ship orders which we receive before 4pm on the same day Monday to Friday. For orders within Peninsular Malaysia, expect 2-5 days for shipping depending on specific couriers.

Shipping outside of Peninsular Malaysia:
Since the product is in liquid form, we can only ship 1 bottle per package. Normal courier rates apply. Delivery times will be as per the couriers standard

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate split shipments. If you wish to ship to multiple addresses, you can do this by creating separate orders, each with their own delivery address.

If you wish to change anything in your order please send an email to with your order details and information about the request. Doing this as quickly as possible will give us a greater chance of fixing the order before it’s sent.

If, however, the order has already been shipped please have a look at the returns or refunds section of the FAQ for more help.


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